Divorce Mediation: Experience is the Difference

Utah Child Custody AgreementDivorce is a major transition that affects almost every area of your life and my job is to help make it as easy and painless as possible through mediation. I can assist with the initial steps on how to start the divorce process in Utah, and explain how divorce mediation will speed up what is often a lengthy and complicated process.

Whether you have children or not, I can help you reach an agreement to dissolve your marriage through mediation – from an amicable or contested divorce, to separation, to child support and visitation mediation. I have 20 years of experience with over 5,000 divorce mediations and a straightforward path that helps you and your spouse to go peacefully in different directions.

In 2005, Utah HB 004 was passed requiring mandatory divorce mediation by an ADR Court Roster qualified Utah mediator, with few case by case exceptions. I am on the Court Roster, as a Master Mediator, the highest qualification that Utah has. During a time of strong emotion, divorce mediation provides couples with practical, equitable solutions to the financial and custodial conflicts through providing an environment of communication and collaboration. My experience will help you find common ground on disputes over alimony, child custody and support, property, debt, and more without having to go to trial. Coming to a mediated agreement on a majority of the terms in advance is the fastest path to divorce, and also saves court costs, valuable time, and reduces stress.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation:

  • Uncontested mediated divorce: fast and affordable
  • Lawyers are not needed;
  • Save you money;
  • Speed up the process of your divorce;
  • Get better results than the alternative of a lengthy, expensive, and uncertain court battle;
  • Conserve resources as you make the transition from living in one household to two;
  • Save your sanity by encouraging a positive relationship between you and your soon to be ex-spouse, so that you can best move into the next phase of your lives;
  • Protect your children by preparing you for successful co-parenting after your marriage is dissolved.

 Uncontested mediated divorce: fast and affordable

Other Mediation Services:

While I specialize in Utah divorce and marriage mediation, I also offer civil, real estate, and family mediation services. My extensive experience as a Master Mediator can help in almost any situation to resolve issues in a less complicated and more affordable manner.

As a certified Master Mediator in Utah, I offer divorce mediation services in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah County, Park City, and many other areas throughout Utah. Please contact me for a free consultation, to find out how to divorce in Utah, or to learn about affordable mediation options for legal disputes.